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Joining Our Sisterhood

For there is no friend like a sister
In calm or stormy weather,
To cheer one on the tedious way,
To fetch one if one goes astray,
To lift one if one totters down,
To strengthen whilst one stands.

Sorority membership provides a lifetime of learning and involvement. Iota Phi Lambda provides its members with a climate for growth and development of leadership skills and talents.
When you join Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, you not only join a network of over 100 chapters across the nation, but more importantly, you join a sisterhood of over 9,000 African American women dedicated to the ideals of sisterhood, friendship, and professional development.
Sorority membership is a lifetime commitment, requiring time, dedication, and resources but it also rewards its members in providing a nurturing environment in which to develop and share their skills and talents. As a professional sisterhood, eligibility for membership in Iota Phi Lambda is based on academic achievement, professional accomplishment, and civic involvement.
Membership in Iota Phi Lambda is divided into two areas, Graduate and Undergraduate. The basic qualifications are as follows:
  • Must be a Graduate of accredited business college or university, or;
  • Graduate of a 4 year college who successfully owns/operates a business, or;
  • Graduated of accredited two-year business college meeting the requirements of 48 credit hours.
  • Any student who is pursuing a 4-year course and who has completed at least fifteen credit hours (1 semester) of college work with the average grade of that school, may apply for membership. However, she may not be initiated until she has a total of thirty semester hours (1 year) to her credit.
Iota Phi Lambda believes membership in a sorority is voluntary and a matter of mutual selection. Membership in Iota is by invitation of the local chapters. Each chapter schedules its own membership recruitment period during the programming year where women can learn about the organization, the chapter and local events.

National Projects

  • Lola M. Parker Award (Outstanding Woman of the Year)
  • Mahala S. Evans Award (Outstanding Soror of the Year)
  • Career Exploration – Programs are designed to help br oaden youths’ awareness of and to assist in preparing them for the “world of work.”
  • Tutorial – Members assist the educational system by providing remedial help for those with academic weaknesses, and work to eradicate illiteracy.
  • Toys U Can’t Return: A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project designed to help educate communities about teen pregnancy and develop effective action agendas for preventing children from having children.
  • Iota Mothers Career Assistance Program (IM-CAP) – Program designed to provide outreach services to meet the needs of teens (ages 11-19) and disadvantaged mothers (ages 20-40)
  • Youth: Future Iota Leaders (FIL): are preteen and teenage girls and boys who are mentored by members of the Iota family. Programs provide socialization and development opportunities for youth leadership training, and encourage them to realize their potentials to the fullest.
  • Scholarships – are awarded annually on the chapter, regional, and national levels.

National Programs

  • American Education Week – Members work in support of the National Education Association via its national theme to celebrate and embrace America’s public schools.
  • Black History Month – Programs are designed to encourage youth and adults to understand the issues facing and faced by African Americans, to share ideas, reactions, and to recognize those African Americans who have historically impacted America.
  • Correspondence Week
  • Business Month – Iota’s capstone programs occur throughout the month of April. Activities focus on efforts to stimulate interest in business education and to give recognition to those who have made outstanding achievements in the field of business.
  • Founder’s Day

Affiliated Organizations

Partnering to Improve Our Community

Through active participation in the programs of affiliate organizations and various initiatives of local chapters, Iota Phi Lambda is committed to working to improve the quality of our lives and the society we serve. Iota supports the programs and efforts of the following organizations: